Sacrifice – Rory Miller

Going to try to capture the thought I woke up with this morning. It was about sacrifice throws, sutemi waza, and how many principles they illustrate. I just thought about linking to a video, but this is kinesthetic, and video doesn’t show the most important stuff. Principle: Balance. The essence of balance is that the … [Read more…]

Women’s Self-Defense – Intermediate Study

  This page is for people who have a basic understanding of the concepts of women’s self-defense and want to learn more. It is assumed that you have reviewed the Beginning to Study page.   Recommended Book: Fight Like a Girl and Win Recommended Book: Beauty Bites Beast: Awakening the Warrior Within Women and Girls Recommended … [Read more…]

Women’s Self-Defense – Beginning to Study

Welcome to the beginning to learn page for women’s self-defense.  The goal of this page is to provide you with a foundation for your understanding of self-defense and conflict management in an easy to learn fashion. Recommended Book: The Gift of Fear Recommended Book: What Every BODY is Saying: An Ex-FBI Agent’s Guide to Speed-Reading People … [Read more…]

Reality, Belief and Tribalism – Rory Miller (Conflict Manager Magazine – APRIL, 2015)

  The following is a selected post from Conflict Manager Magazine.  Full access to this monthly magazine is available to subscribers only. Click here to subscribe. Interesting in submitting an article for publication? Email: ————————————- There are very few facts. There are very few truths. There may be one best way to do a … [Read more…]

The Five Stages of Violent Crime

The Five Stages of Violent Crime is an internationally recognized system created by Marc MacYoung to identify if — and determine when and if — you are being set up for a crime or violence .  It is used by police, military and firearms instructors around the world as a training and teaching tool. Also … [Read more…]

Teaching, Training, Conditioning and Play – Rory Miller

Be careful with the language here.  I will be using the word ‘training’ as a generic term for the different methods to get something into your student’s heads. At the same time, I will be using the word as a very specific type of training with deep drawbacks.  It’s kind of like ‘fighting’ in that sense.  We need … [Read more…]