Time and Distance – Rory Miller

Time and Distance is really it’s own thing and critical to everything. Not just self-defense, but every last damn thing. One internet warrior years ago said, quite pretentiously, “When one can control space and time, one is unbeatable.” Or words to that effect. Well, duh. Distance is not the same as space. Understanding distance is … [Read more…]

Process Predator (PP) and the Resource Predator (RP) – Rory Miller

PROCESS PREDATOR: For the Process Predator the act of violence is the reason itself. The crime is the goal. The rapist, the serial killer, the ritualistic torture murderers are process predators. The Process predator requires time and privacy for what he intends to do. One of the reasons that home invasion crimes are so brutal … [Read more…]

Seven Natural Strategies – Rory Miller

There are three natural strategies for dealing with predators: Hide, run and fight. There are two more for dealing with your own species: Posture and Submit. Both occasionally work cross species. The three natural strategies mimic the Freeze-Flight-Fight.  Freezing is natural.  We evolved in a world where predators key on motion.  It is a form … [Read more…]