Mass Shootings and the Media – MarcMacYoung

Okay bad news here folks. More than guns, the media causes mass shootings.From a pure numbers standpoint, mass shootings are statistically meaningless. If you look at the FBI Uniform Crime Report there were 12,765 non-negligent homicides (manslaughters/murders, non-LEOs and accidental). Of them ALL kinds of firearms were used in 8,855.…/expanded_homicide_data_table_8 … Now if you … [Read more…]

The Fear Profiteers: How They Manipulate and Harm You and Society – Erik Kondo

As much as many people may dislike bankers, financial systems have enabled civilizations to develop and prosper. The availability and flow of capital has facilitated the creation of modern societies. There is another commodity that also central to civilization and individual prosperity, it is the “supply” or “amount” of Trust in society. Trust is defined … [Read more…]

The Tyranny of Feelings – Marc MacYoung

   From a conversation about feelings ****First off. Take your finger, press it into your arm. That’s ‘feeling.’Emotions are emotions.Where things get tricky is that along with emotions come adrenaline, muscle tension and changes in perception (a different part of the brain — that does something else becomes active). Until you learn how to suppress … [Read more…]

The Two Kinds of “How”. Which One Do You Use? – Erik Kondo

  The word “how” appears frequently in self-defense related questions and answers as in “How do I defend myself from X?” and “This is how you defend yourself from Y.” Typically, this “how” refers to some physical technique someone can employ when being “attacked” in some manner. This is the “Simple How”. When the Simple … [Read more…]