Gaslighting, Labists and Social Justice Warriors – Marc MacYoung

Actually I’m not impressed in telling someone their experiences, feelings and opinions are wrong. It’s not only negating, but it’s the first step to gaslighting. Yet telling others what they think is a real common strategy for the social justice warrior crowd. Second who the fuck is the author to authoritatively state ‘this is … [Read more…]

Is Your Belief System the Fantasy Island of Self-defense? – Erik Kondo

      The above video series is great examples of a Belief System. What is a belief system? According to Wikipedia: A “belief system” is a set of mutually supportive beliefs. The beliefs of any such system can be classified as religious, philosophical, ideological, or a combination of these. In layman’s terms: “Belief systems … [Read more…]

Narratives, Reality, and Beliefs – Marc MacYoung

Unarmed White Teen Gunned Down by Black Cop… Where’s the Outrage? Commentary: Here’s a hint. Whenever anybody gets emotional about an issue, seriously start questioning the veracity of the information they’re providing and motivations behind the emotions. These come from a different part of the brain than logic and reason. (The person who you REALLY … [Read more…]

Nine Ways to Test What You Are Reading for ‘Toxic Ideology’ – Erik Kondo

The recent uproar over the latest product enabling women to test for date rape drugs brings to mind the question of “How do you test an article, post, or comment for being infected with ‘Toxic Ideology’? Toxic Ideology is no laughing matter. It has the potential to spread like a virus among vulnerable victims. Toxic … [Read more…]