Women’s Self-Defense Instructor


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Depth of Game – Rory Miller

War Stories in Teaching – Rory Miller

Convergence – Rory Miller

Solo Skills – Rory Miller

The Process of Principles Based Teaching – Rory Miller

“What if ?” – Rory Miller

Types of Scenarios – Rory Miller

Teaching, Training, Conditioning and Play – Rory Miller

Operant Conditioning (OC) – Rory Miller

The Progression – Rory Miller

The First 3 to 5 – Rory Miller

Student Profiles – Rory Miller

Perception and Decision – Rory Miller

Some Thoughts on Scenario Training – Rory Miller

On Teaching Adults – Rory Miller

Comfortable Discomfort – Rory Miller

Articulation Part I – Rory Miller

Articulation Part III – Rory Miller


I Can’t Teach THAT! – Rory Miller

Training and Selection – Rory Miller





Check Your sources Before They Get Somebody Killed – Marc MacYoung



Cost vs. Benefit: Fear Marketing in the Self-defense Industry – Erik Kondo

Self-Defense Instructor Problem: Dealing with “It’s not my job to prevent being assaulted.” – Erik Kondo

Why We Disagree So Much on Self-Defense:It’s in the Math – Erik Kondo

Learning Leads to Degrees of Understanding, Part II – Erik Kondo

Learning Leads to Varying Degrees of Understanding – Erik Kondo