Why Does Self-Defense “Work” and Not Work? – Erik Kondo

Self-defense “works” for the same reason that it doesn’t work and that underlying reason is because most people quit at a certain level of resistance or motivation. Most people who join a gym will quit going regularly soon after. Most people who decide to stop smoking will quit the “stopping”. Most people who join a … [Read more…]

The Fear Profiteers: How They Manipulate and Harm You and Society – Erik Kondo

As much as many people may dislike bankers, financial systems have enabled civilizations to develop and prosper. The availability and flow of capital has facilitated the creation of modern societies. There is another commodity that also central to civilization and individual prosperity, it is the “supply” or “amount” of Trust in society. Trust is defined … [Read more…]

Guided-Learning Module #3: Fear and Threat Assessments – Erik Kondo

  After Earth – Fear is a Choice. Self-defense methodologies are effectively program solving systems. Determining the “threat” corresponds to identifying the problem. There is a “cost” or trade-off associated with personal safety and risk reduction.  The trade-off of risk reduction usually involves less opportunity to engage in certain “risky” (fun) activities. Taking extra-safety precautions … [Read more…]

Fighting the Merchants of Fear – Erik Kondo

  The above video demonstrates how self-serving  messages promoted by the self-defense training industry, the personal safety product industry, the anti-rape advocacy industry, and the news media industry create a sense of fear and helplessness in many women. Women are constantly being portrayed as only the defenseless victims of ever present Bad Guys. All of … [Read more…]

Fear Management vs. Danger Management – Marc MacYoung

Let’s start with the fact that there’s a difference between fear management and danger management. I’m talking in extremes here, but it’s to communicate an idea. Let’s say you’re terrified of vampires. No amount of rational explanation that vampires don’t exist and aren’t a danger is going to help. That’s because ‘terror’ comes from a deeper … [Read more…]

Women’s Self-Defense – Beginning to Study

Welcome to the beginning to learn page for women’s self-defense.  The goal of this page is to provide you with a foundation for your understanding of self-defense and conflict management in an easy to learn fashion. Recommended Book: The Gift of Fear Recommended Book: What Every BODY is Saying: An Ex-FBI Agent’s Guide to Speed-Reading People … [Read more…]

The Specimen- A Case Study – Rory Miller

Got to watch an interesting specimen. In retrospect, I’ve seen them before, quite a lot actually. But this one was blatant enough to draw attention. Attention brings analysis. Have to unpack the language here, and talk about a couple of categories and some background concepts. Creepers are low-level sexual predators. The kind that harass and … [Read more…]