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What the United Airlines Incident Teaches Us about Boundary Setting – Erik Kondo

The recent incident of a passenger being forcibly removed from an airplane has created a firestorm of traditional and social media commentary. There has been lots of talk of passenger rights, laws, contracts, corporate profits, corporate responsibility, the use of force continuum, and more. What most people don’t seem to realize that this incident is … [Read more…]

Definitions: Strategy, Tactic, and Technique – Erik Kondo

  I recently asked people to provide their definitions of the terms, Strategy, Tactic, and Technique. The idea was to determine if there was a general agreement/consensus on the termonology. Here are the results. STRATEGY – “Is more macro, an overall approach to long-term success/goal achievement. “ – “Answers the “what” question” – “Overall plans … [Read more…]